Travel ahead – with latest technology
We speak software, we know hardware, and we have traveled the world of hospitality for many years. That´s why our motto is “technology with purpose”. And yours? Find out more to get on this exciting trip together with us!

The Digitech solution portfolio is designed to individually service crews and hospitality teams as well as guests. Our offering is a group of high-tech globetrotters speaking your language and enabling an outstanding positive customer experience – before, during and after travel.

Our space center is an intelligent central content management system, the Digitech Cloud Hub, that syncs with various decentral hubs – whether they are cruising on a ship, flying on a plane, located on another form of transportation like a bus or a train, or in a hotel resort and retail shop. Our cloud hub also connects easily with your existing IT environment, third party services and a variety of easy-to-use applications.

You can feed the Digitech Cloud Hub anything…

  • Text & Images

  • Account details

  • Prices & Payments

  • Bookings & Reservations

  • Itineraries & Time Tables

  • Photos & Videos

  • 360° & VR content

  • Music & Radio

  • Movies & TV shows

  • Games & Merchandising

Next Generation Software

Better than Dry Dock

Dockerized applications make our solutions totally flexible and scalable – going from one unit to thousands, if needed. High performance always guaranteed, also in large scale environments.

Microservices instead of Micromanagement

Using microservices broadens the horizon of our solutions: flexible for software development, extensions and adjustments, agile in communication, and open to all external APIs.

Perform high

The Digitech Backend is a high-performance server application, written in latest Java EE: an Enterprise Edition that will enable your enterprise to get ahead of all other industry travelers.

Restful Communication

Our backend, the Digitech Cloud Hub, deploys all kind of content to all kinds of user facing applications on all kinds of clients via a RESTful API.

Relax with SPA

And we´re not just talking about the relaxing pleasure of wellness! Our frontend Single Page Applications with their smart combination of Java Script and HTML5 also work offline.

Your perfect Host

The hosting services offered are just as flexible and individual as our customers. Choose your server or the cloud – from services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or OpenShift.

Be flexible

Because of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) we use, literally any application in the world is possible: progressive web apps, native apps and much more.

Be responsive

Just as you respond to your guests in a friendly way, our responsively designed applications are intuitively easy, user friendly, and display perfectly – no matter which device is used.

Be open

The entire infrastructure is open source based and database independent. That´s why we are open to everything: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, and Informix.

Unchain the World

Your infrastructure is based on Blockchain technology? The Digitech Cloud Hub is ready to speak your language. We consider that to be state-of-the-art communication.

Shop with Shopware

The Digitech after-sales platform uses Shopware. Not because it´s German-engineered, but because our own German engineers trust it to be one of the top online shop systems in today`s tech world.

Fancy screens for fancy software

The Digitech software solutions are built to run responsively on any device – independent of screen size, orientation, resolution or technology. Perfect performance on the following offerings has been thoroughly tested and successfully implemented in close collaboration with the hardware manufacturers.

When size matters

Our software can be deployed both as an interactive or non-interactive solution – in high resolution on large Digital Signage Screens. Effective communication and up-to-date engagement with your customers are guaranteed, offering 24-hour access to various marketing content, useful information, powerful promotion, and way finding.

Perfect Service: Self-serviced

Introduce 24/7 excursion and activity bookings, restaurant table and spa reservations, photo and retail shopping, account viewing and ticket printing – all privately logged-in with your customer´s personal card. Stylish and adjustable, barrier-free Self-Service Kiosks eliminate queues at your front desk, significantly reduce the admin burden on your staff and free their time for direct customer interaction.

Bring your own Device

All Digitech App Solutions, Booking and Shop Platforms are fully customized to your needs and feature a responsive, intelligent interaction design for a stunning user experience. We bring your entire service and product offering to your guests’ mobile devices. From pre-travel bookings, to on-board entertainment and after-vacation shopping: You are only one click away from growing your business.

Let’s get Interactive

From hotel room to cruise ship cabin: Interactive TV means relaxation time for your guests as well as an opportunity for you to spread content and grow your business. One-way information as well as two-way customer communication are supplemented by the entire portfolio of on-board entertainment and activity booking. All of this is available 24/7 for your customers, without them having to download an app or leave their private quarters.

Hard(ware) Facts

Technologically-advanced displays from high-quality manufacturers, that are our trusted partners.

Face and voice recognition included, to individually optimise personalised content for your guests.

VR glasses added to the equipment will fully immerse your customers in a 360° virtual reality tour.