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We understand the extraterrestrial complexity of digital change processes. And we know how innovative solutions and perfect services can boost your future business. Let´s go digital together and make your project a success!

Project Management

What successful project management means to us, and how that translates to what our customers get? Ensuring the project is coordinated, tasks are delegated, and the team is motivated.

The Digitech project management team is highly skilled, PRINCE2 certified, and brings a wealth of best practices, proven processes, templates, metrics and dashboards to assure consistent delivery of projects. We initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close projects – always with our customers and partners in mind.

certified team

on-time delivery

360° coordinated

Business Analysis

The key to efficiency in business is ensuring that all changes are in line with the future plans of your company.

Our expert analyst team works with you to understand your organization´s structure and target customer groups, evaluate processes, anticipate future needs – using data modelling practices – and to create solutions that meet those needs in a highly professional manner.

report findings

recommend changes

support & document

Architecture, Infrastructure, Hosting

The Digitech team is here for you and ready: we design, build and implement infrastructure – including server, network, domain and their security.

Our architecture specialists and developers help you make the right choices for the design, build and implementation of your infrastructure. Our hosting services also provide an exceptionally reliable storage solution. This combination ensures you always know how changes will affect your business – thus improving IT and resilience while reducing the complexity, capital and operational expenditure.

perfect infrastructure

reliable data storage

future-proof concept


UX and UI starts by understanding your needs. That´s why we have checked in for you an experienced team, familiar with latest trends and web customer behavior.

We guide you from start to finish: understanding your business model and value proposition in every detail, becoming 100% familiar with your users, their needs, abilities and limitations, identifying pain points, creating the visual design of your website, communicating your brand and imbedding your CI, pushing the boundaries of HTML and responsive design.

visualize your brand

communicate your CI

feature fancy designs


What we build will match your specifications perfectly and our flexibility and support ensure your system can grow with you. That´s how we see custom software development.

We create bespoke software that is flexible and reliable, and uses the latest technologies. Quick development time means that we keep the cost as low as possible, but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. We ensure our development work is QA-driven, allowing us to test core functions along the way, enhancing code quality and consistency.

perfect match to your specs

flexibility to grow

quick & QA proof


The Digitech deployment team is here for you, and the mission is clear: ensure that your new technology is implemented without any problems or issues.

Our job is to install, configure, customise, run, test and integrate systems, train key users, and make every effort to guarantee your systems are a success from day one. Our team contributes a wealth of industry experience, and will work with you closely, taking an efficient approach to problem-solving during the implementation process.

install & configure

customize & integrate

test & run


Our team of industry experts guide you through the use of all solutions and ensure that training is quick and easy, informative and exciting.

We provide on-site training for all solutions to guarantee that your company is best-prepared for success. We also make sure the training is beneficial and delivered to the correct individuals. The target is to maximize the profit of your investment. And we will always be here for you for ongoing training and support as your business grows.

target group specific

personal & sustainable

maximizing your benefit

Support and Maintenance

Digitech is available 24/7 and has the flexibility to perform on-site visits when necessary. With individually assigned agents we guarantee the most customer and project focused support.

To ensure our solutions are successful we provide continuous support and maintenance for all products and services. Updates to our software are available on an ongoing basis – with new releases and upgrades including exciting new features that also reflect requirements from our partners. Because we, and our systems, want to grow with you!

available 24/7

online & on-site

customer assigned