Welcome to the World of Digitech
Join us on this space journey, using next-generation technology to change the world of hospitality for the better. We love to challenge what´s thought to be impossible and believe coding is an art. With our ethical way of doing business, our dedication to our work and a good sense of humor we want to be your force for good.

Ready to launch?
We are!

Digitech is a down-to-earth reliable long-term partner for travel and hospitality service providers. Our key markets are airline, hotels, transport, retail and of course cruise ships, where we started off. We code for humans, not machines. Our motto is “technology with purpose”, our driver is efficiency.

The Digitech offering is a unique combination of next-generation technology and wide-ranging industry knowledge. Our intuitive guest-facing solutions bring travelers´ experience to a new level. And at the same time, we improve our industry customers´ efficiency and revenue growth.


Thank you partners!