Welcome to the World of Digitech!

Travel by ship, plane, bus and train. Go to a shop nearby for personal advice and individual vacation planning. Book your excursions and other activities online – any place and any time. Enjoy relaxing holidays in the nicest hotel resorts worldwide. Visit an easy-to-use eCommerce platform to shop for beautiful memories and merchandising. It´s only one click away.


Our Cloud Hub makes your world go ´round

The Digitech Cloud Hub is a CMS that syncs with various decentral hubs. All centrally managed content displays on different types of front-end devices and in a variety of user-friendly applications – whether they are cruising on a ship, flying on a plane, located on another form of transportation like a bus or a train, or in a hotel resort and retail shop. The central hub also connects easily with your existing IT environment and third-party services.

Customer Solutions

The best digital guest experience on the planet

Traveling the world of hospitality starts at your customers home. Make your guests go digital with you, and let them enjoy the fun way of activity booking, the relaxing mode of vacations, and easy shopping for holiday memories.