Go digital!
Travel the world of hospitality with us.
We think solutions, not just products. That´s why the Digitech offering focuses on the best customer journey and guest experience possible, while digitally improving and innovating all your business processes.

Traveling the world starts at home.

The Digitech Pre-Sales Platform engages your guests at the very beginning – when they are all excited about their upcoming holiday journey. Introduce your customers early to your offers and services, get them in the holiday mood long before boarding, and encourage them to look forward to a unique travel into your world of hospitality.

How can the Digitech solution help you accomplish a unique experience for each of your customers?

Customer Highlights

Easy, early booking – bring the holiday forward

Start relaxing early as you book massages and other spa treatments Taste the flavour of vacation and make a special dinner reservation Get into the holiday mood by booking entertainment offers now

The early bird gets the reservation

Scroll through the wide range of offerings that await you during your trip Read about exciting things to do and fascinating places to visit Book shore excursions and customise your holiday itinerary before you arrive

Your journey is about to start

Receive exciting info and itinerary details of your cruise or holiday Read information about flight routes and offers on board See news and weather updates for your destination Get to know the crew and hospitality team, who will welcome you Learn about features of the ship, plane or other transportation you will be using

Business Benefits

More business

Early business is offering more and better business

Branded design

Make a great first impression with branded web design

B2B and B2C

Serving both B2B and B2C channels from the very beginning

Early reporting

Benefit from early reporting to flexibly adapt your offers


Relax, enjoy and flirt with fancy software.

The Digitech solution offering on board is extremely widespread. Your guests will enjoy exploring diverse content on a variety of front-end devices, and you’ll love the outcome: an outstanding positive customer experience, including easy booking of your entire hospitality portfolio, accompanied by significant business growth for your corporation.

How exactly will the Digitech solution get you and your guests excited simultaneously?

Customer Highlights

Connect and be connected

Browse world news, weather forecasts, and itineraries Connect to the internet, social media, and view your account details Find your way around on the ship or resort by using our interactive screens Learn about activity availabilities, promotional content, daily offers, and best deals

Last-minute booking

Explore activities and information, VR and 360 content Enjoy entertainment, wellness, fine dining, bars and lounges Book excursions, sightseeing, wellness treatments and events Print your tickets any time with 24-hour access to kiosks

Take your very private time

Spend relax time in your cabin or room streaming your favourite movies and TV shows Book a spa treatment, candle-lit dinner, wine tasting, or a chess game in the lounge Bring your own device and use our mobile app to plan your days individually

Let’s get personal

Meet the team and give feedback to the crew – online and real-time Book your own studio and private photo sessions Purchase cabin and room services and browse the merchandising offers View your account and travel details, as well as all bookings and bills

Business Benefits

24/7 service

Customer service at its best – featuring 24/7 service points

Grow your revenue

On-board promotions encourage last-minute bookings and grow your revenue

Live diversity

Kiosks, Digital Signage, in-cabin & room TV, mobile & web App

Real-time data

Always up-to-date with real-time reporting and central content management


Shopping for beautiful memories. Online.

The Digitech After-Sales solution is a high-class eCommerce platform for your guests. It is designed for customers to purchase photo products, gifts and other items that relate to their holiday with you. But our shopping platform is also designed for you, for additional sales and your optimised business success.

Interested to learn more about increasing revenue and boosting business?

Customer Highlights

Relive memories and shop now

Enjoy scrolling through the picturesque world of your recent vacation Remember how you smiled and “cheesed”? Now you can click and collect. Select pictures and photo products as well as other merchandising offers Fill your shopping cart with gifts and your most precious holiday memories

Take a close-up

Enjoy a user-friendly shopping experience using sophisticated software Take your time previewing and scrolling through your photographs Enlarge to take a closer look, then make your choice of top-quality photos Shop for memories: personal holiday highlights, stunning scenery, gorgeous nature

After the travel is before your vacation

Check out the platform for promotions and special deals Find out about new offerings, package tours, adventure trips, and family vacations Explore fascinating countries and new destinations through travel descriptions Plan you next holiday now! Why wait until you get back home?

Business Benefits

Business Growth

Grow business with sales activities after your customers´ travel or stay with you

Customer satisfaction

Complement customer satisfaction by featuring happy memories

Guest loyalty

Build guest loyalty with promotions and special offers


Become industry-leading with a cutting-edge hosted eCommerce platform

Use latest technology and get your business lightyears ahead.

The key objectives of everything we offer to you are total guest satisfaction and best customer experience ever as well as maximization of your business profit. We do this through state-of-the-art software components, cutting-edge hosting, central content processing, interoperability with all worldwide common hotel and cruise property management systems, interfaces to any well-known industry solutions, and much more.

Efficacy and efficiency

Manage all content centrally and deploy to any front-end device and applications. Train your team on one system only.

Customers are only a click away

Get close to your guests. Provide 100% customised content and meet their needs. Before, during, and after travel.

Easy-to-use and fully responsive

A highly-professional and modern web design leaves a great impression with your customers.

Allow for UX & UI specifics

Our intuitive design is completely flexible and can be adjusted to specific corporate UX and UI requirements.

Keep control throughout the journey

Smart reporting and content management tools guarantee precise insight at any time and give you total flexibility to adjust content whenever needed.